The Phases Involved in Web Design and Development Process

Web Design & Development Process

As you may know, web development is a complex process, which cannot be done at once, because several stages must be passed, one at a time. Each stage has its purpose, being aware of how every single step can help will allow you to know better what happens during web development. Website development Winnipeg is ready to present you every step that needs to be made for a presentable site, so you will know better what you will receive when opting for such services.

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First of all, we will create the outline of your desired site, to see what do you need it for and how you want it to look in the end. After the outline is made, we both will know how much time the creation of the site will take and how the budget designated for it should be. Next, the sitemap will come to life, which consists in all the pages your site will contain. Practically, the sitemap is the basic sketch of your future website. Next, once the sitemap is set and ready, our Website Design Winnipeg specialists will continue with creating the wireframes for your site. This is one of the most important steps in the web development process, because it sets ground of how the pages on the site will be and look. They contain the complete set of components each page will have when they will be finished, so it is crucial for this step to be done right.

In the following step, it is time to make the pages look closer to reality, creating the mockups, which are based on the previously set wireframes, containing the chosen colors, logo and typography style. Even if you may be amazed of how your web pages are starting to look, you should also know that this is not their final stage. Adjustments and modifications can be made, and it is highly recommended to do them now. You will have to check all the used information, pictures, and any other details, to make sure that they are placed correctly and look as you wish. The Website Development Winnipeg team will help you with these aspects, updating, correcting and changing everything needed, so you will have the perfect site you wish for your business.

Once the mockups are in place in their final version, the next step will include content creation. Our web developers will start writing the codes needed to make the site functional, creating a test version for you to see and check. This test version is probably the closest one to the final version, being only available to you and development team, as other visitors will not have access, only if someone authorized will grant them this opportunity. The reason for making the site roll in the online environment is to allow you to see how it works, by actually letting you interact with it. It is the stage when the final adjustments are made, in case something is still not in placed or wrong. Dummy content is usually used at this point, to fill the space on the pages and make them look natural, until the actual content will be created.

And last, but not the least, the Internet marketing Winnipeg team will make sure that everything works and looks perfect. The site is not released for public use until a final detailed review is made. All the small mistakes that might have been done, like typos or tweaks, are searched and adjusted, if needed. You can see it as the final polish for your website, which will be ready to be officially launched online for everybody.

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