Storytelling Is New Way of Brand Advertising, Which One Is Yours?

“Those who tell the stories rule the world.” – Hopi American Indian proverb

The power of storytelling is something which goes beyond our limits because it is the easiest way to tell people about your business in a simple manner as well as with creativity.

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I always insist organizations profit by the art of storytelling for marketing or we can say online marketing, it’s one of an ideal approach to not simply get yourself noticed but also you will be remembered by your clients.

Why we should use “Storytelling”?

  • Adds Creativity – We can use storytelling to convey countless ideas for our clients.
  • Relating the power of characters – Different story different characters
  • Memory and transmission – More stories more memories to remember you.

So, what kinds of stories can you tell?
The examples are so many but here are some basic ones.

The Success Story
As the name indicates success story, you can tell how your company has risen from the starting to till date?How you have achieved your target after so much of struggles?. As we Web Magic Winnipeg started as a one man business but now we are a big team, so this is how it will work.

The Reborn
After some time everything needs an updated version and same happens with your website content, services, layouts and etc. You need to update it to re-engaging your viewers to get attention and you can tell this as a story of “rebirth” of your website in a fully new way because you are changing it for a good reason. For example, there are so many brands who are changing their logo’s after a long gap of 20 years and after that, they have received great response from the audience.

The Quest
In specific cases, it’s entirely clear that an organization has set a standard way to accomplish a specific goal. Their determination towards work is something for which they are highly known among the audience and they do every possible thing to achieve it. So your determination for work can also become a story but it’s up to you to make it an ideal one.

The Tragedy
Tragedy stories are the most helpful for certain business as they show the ups and downs of the business which actually attracts the audience and connect them. Charities often make tragedy by keeping in mind the end goal to pull at those heart strings and provoke the desired action from the audience. Hence, the focus here would be less on the brand and more on the brand’s actual work.

The Comedy
The flipside of tragedy and the last of the great storytelling ideas it may be toughest from others but the most popular one. This makes a bright and cheerful identity for the audience to identify with and has been successfully utilized by so many organizations to stand out from their competitors in the field of digital marketing in winnipeg.

Brands are stories, The time we have to begin working with customers, we would prefer not to take a detailed summary about us. We would prefer not to simply say, ‘What is our issue?’ We need to go right back to the reason why our organization has begun and its central goal.
We constantly discuss our mission and it’s simply a method of saying about “what sort of stories we are on and which one we prefer to tell about to our clients. Stories are the source who tell clients about your main business purpose.
So, Be creative with your business, find a new way which fits best for your companies benefit.

At Web Magic Winnipeg we provide services you need to help you achieve success in your business. Contact us today for a free consultation of your current website or discuss ideas you’d like for your website!

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